Thursday, 28 April 2016

Ring of Flowers

Hello there!

This week I bring you all a card I made focussing on wedding season, I hope you find it inspiring!

Products (From left to right):

I started this project by drawing a circle of flowers with a pencil, then inking with my Cocoiro pen.

Put some gold in the rings, using my Wink of Luna, and then mixed it with the Gold and Coral watercolours from the pearlescent palette.

Using my green wink of Luna on the leaves, as I also mixed it with some Gold, Emerald and Turquoise watercolours. It gives a cool effect, as I add layers and I build a solid color, but still looks luminous.

Colouring the flowers using the Cooper watercolour for the poppies, and Amethyst plus Sapphire for the other flowers, making a gradient, as the waterbrush permits me to do when the colour runs our but water keeps flowing from the tip.

Then, I carefully wrote by hand the sentiment with my Cocoiro Letter pen.

Here, a closer view of the sparkling effect I got.

And here, all finished! It's a bit minimalist, but I like how it looks at the end :) As I said above I hope you get some ideas for your projects!

Grettings, enjoy your day!