Thursday, 21 April 2016

Paper Diamond with ZIG Pearlescent Watercolor Jewel Box

Diamonds are a girls best friend, but they can be expensive. Here at Kuretake UK, we thought we would add a bit of glamour and make this beautiful 3D Origami diamond. Using the beautiful pearlescent jewel box for adding pearl like effects, you can create your own diamond.
But why stop there, you could make one for  your friend and add a surprise gift inside as a gift box or make a diamond bunting to hang across your mirror to remind you to shine like a diamond everyday!

1.       Download this template, print out on a piece of black or white paper and cut around the solid line.

2.       Using a ruler, start folding the dotted lines (you can score along the dotted lines using a needle to make it easier to fold)

3.       Now, join all together. Using ZIG 2 Way Glue stick each flap into the other side.

4.       Using ZIG Waterbrush H2O, paint the diamond with ZIG Pearlescent Watercolor Jewel Box.

Remember to keep on shining!

click here to view Kuretake UK video showing how to use ZIG Pearlescent Watercolor Jewel Box