Friday, 1 April 2016

How to use Art & Graphic Twin

Hi there,

Today, we will show you how to use our ZIG Art & Graphic Twin Markers.

Products used:

Flower stamp – Hobby Lobby
Ink Pad – Versa

To Start with, we have stamped a flower onto a piece of card. If the ink has not covered all of the stamp you can use ZIG Mangaka 003 to outline parts of the stamp which was missed. You can also draw your own project with ZIG Mangaka. Perfect to use with this kind of watercolour pens as Mangaka is Smudge-proof. We recommend at least 20 minutes for the Mangaka ink to dry fully.

Then we have used ZIG Art & Graphic Twin to colour the stamp or your design.
This pen is a professional quality graphic marker, which holds water based dye. The ZIG Art & Graphic Twin is a dual tip pen that has a brush and fine tip. This pen allows you to create really easy gradation or achieve watercolour wash effects, perfect for sketching, illustrating cartooning, brush lettering, outlining and colouring.
This pen is also ideal to use on stamps.
You can use different techniques when coloring;

1) Blending two colours 

Start with the darker colour and then drag down with a lighter colour.

2) Blending with water

You can also blend Art and Graphic Twin with our ZIG Water brush to create a really nice water-colour effect.  Apply the colour, then fade out the colour using the water brush.

 3) You can also use a pallet

Add a bit of colour on you pallet and use the water brush to paint.