Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Coral Martinez "Girl by the Window"

Design Team Member Coral Martinez created this stunning girl by a window scene. To follow more of her work, please click here

Step 1:

I very softly sketched the drawing with a blue pencil.

Step 2

After that I started inking the girl with the Mangaka 01 black color.

Step 3:

With the same tool, I inked the rest of the scene. Be careful with the background lines don’t touch the main figure.








Step 4

 Afterward once everything is was inked, I erased the blue pencil lines.

Step 5

I then coloured the girl (all the figure) with the brush tip of the Kurecolor“flesh color” tone marker, without coloring a small portion of the profile closer to the window, leaving it white.

Step 6

With the fine tip of the Kurecolor  “cobalt blue”  marker I made fast lines on the windows, to represent the rain outside.

Step 7

And it’s done! I used a blue pencil, a rubber, the Mangaka 01 (black color) and the Kuretake markers with both tips (colours “cobalt blue” and “flesh color”)