Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Beautiful Butterfly Gift Tag by Veerle Moreels

Hi it’s Veerle and I’m happy to take you along  and show you how I made a tag with a message I want to keep in mind in 2016.


Step 1 

To start I made a background using the same technique I used in this step by step >> click here 

I used the colors Jubilee Cherry and Burnt Umber to color my watercolor paper.

Step 2

Then I cut a piece of thick vellum the same size as my tag and torn it where I wanted to have a hole in it using a paper piercer.

Then I went ahead and heat embossed some flowers. By using the Zig Emboss marker I was able to put clear embossing ink only on the flowers I wanted to be stamped. In between stamping I cleaned my stamp before putting new ink on other flowers. That way I putted all my flowers around my “crack” in the paper.

 Step 3 

Then it was time to color in my flowers. I used the same Woodcraft marker that I used on my background: Jubilee Cherry. The first layer got a watered down paint. You can water this paint down so much that you end up with a nice transparent paint and get a watercolor result.

Step 4

When all my flowers were dry I gave them a second coat of the Woodcraft paint Jubilee Cherry. I wetted my flowers and dropped in just a little bit of less watered down paint. So you get some more depth in your flowers.

Step 5

Since I don’t have any green Woodcraftmarkers ( yet) I took out my Gansai Tambi watercolors to color in the leaves.  Now you can see how nice they work together with the Woodcraft markers. Onlu difference: the paints of the Woodcraft markers dry permanent.

 Step 6

Using my Zig Emboss marker I also heat embossed a butterfly. And I used two colors of the Woodcraft markers to color him in: Forget me not and Victorian Blue.  Here you can use the advantage of the Woodcraft marker paint to dry permanent and layer the colors on top of each other without moving the lower layers around.

When I was done coloring my butterfly I cutted him out and used my Zig Art and Graphic 71 Mid Brown marker to color the edges so they didn’t stand out to much.

Step 7

And then it was time to put everything together. Since I don’t like it if you can see glue underneath vellum I sowed it onto my background. I tore back my vellum a bit so I could put my butterfly in between the background and the vellum. And just added a little text to finish it off.

And two more close ups pictures where you can see how subtle the background shows through.


Used materials

Woodcraftmarkers: Jubilee cherry – Burnt umber – Forget me not – Victorian blue

KuretakeGansai Tambi : 53 Mid Green

Watercolour paper

Thick vellum

Stamps – ink and clear embossing powder ( butterfly) – white embossing powder ( flowers)