Friday, 4 December 2015

Winter Card by Veerle Moreels

Hi, it’s my time again to guide you step by step through my process in making this project. It has been warm for a long time but it looks like winter is finally here. And as winter is this month’s theme I took out some cold colors to make a card and wish somebody on this cold winter day the warmest wishes.

I  took my Gansai Tambi watercolors and prepared everything before starting. I taped a piece of watercolor paper onto a board. That allows me to tilt my paper when I get started. I took the colors 57 Turquoise green – 38 Deep violet and the 95 Silver and putted it in a separate plate to avoid mixing up my colors in my box of watercolors itself while working.
Put something under your board so it is tilted.  I started by putting a good coat of water on my paper and then putted some color at the top of my paper. The water on my paper will start picking up my color and get it to run down on the paper.
When I have a first coat of color I spritzed more water on the paper so my colors can run down easier and they can spread on the paper to color it completely. Keep putting on more color and water until you are satisfied and your paper is completely colored.
If wanted you can already put some Silver on your paper. You’ll see that is blends beautifully and push aside some of the other color. I only used a little bit.  When I was happy with my paper I used a heattool to dry my paper completely
I missed some Silver so I putted just a tiny bit at the top of my paper and had it dripping down.  I didn’t spritz water here to avoid the Silver to run all over my paper. Instead I used a brush with water and putted it right on top of the lines of Silver to help it and run down to the bottom of my paper.
While I left my paper to dry I started stamping some snowflakes using the Gansai Tambi. You don’t want watered down paint since that will get in the nooks and crannies and you will have splatters instead of a nice and crisp image. Just use a damp brush  to pick up some color and lay it down on the rubber stamp.  When you colored your stamp breathe onto your stamp to get some moist onto your paint
I stamped my snowflakes onto a thick vellum. I also used my brush to splatter on some little dots of the Silver paint.
And while my vellum was drying i made a little tag. I took a piece of watercolor paper and using a brush I colored it using the same nr 57 turquoise green. When it was dry I stamped my text on there. Translated it says: “We wish you on these cold winter days the warmest wishes.”
To make the snowflake I used a brush and colored a piece of vellum with the Silver.  When dry I punched out my snowflake.
Last step is assembling the pieces together to make my card. I didn’t glue down the vellum but sowed it on my paper ;-)
Used materials:
Gansai Tambi watercolors box of 36 ~ colors nr 57 Turquoise green – 38 Deep violet – 95 Silver
Zig Flat waterbrush
Zig Millenium 01
Watercolor paper
Stamp of a snowflake