Thursday, 24 December 2015

Santa Claus by Coral Martinez

Step 1: I very softly sketched the drawing with a blue pencil.
Step 2: I painted background box in red.
Step 3: When it dried completely, I applied a second layer of red paint. This made the picture more even.
Step 4: Once the background was completely dry, I used the the Bimoji brush no.5 to make thick black outlines.
Step 5: The smallest details, like the glasses, the freckles or  the rattle were made with the Kuretake Hikkei Fine, because it allows you to be more precise.
Step 6: Afterward I made the textures, the eyebrows and the beard with the Kuretake no. 8 brush.
Step 7: Once the line was completely finished, I used a fine brush and red paint to fix the small blank spaces between the background and the figure.
Step 8: As soon as the latter details were dry, I erased the blue pencil that was still visible.

Step 9: And it’s done! I used Bimoji No. 5 brush, Kuretake No. 8, KuretakeHikkei Fine (all of them for black lines), blue pencil, red acrylic paint, two brushes of different degrees of thickness and a rubber.