Friday, 20 November 2015

Will you be on the Naughty or Nice list this year? by Anna Vuong

For my Christmas themed project, I wanted to draw a scene of Christmas Elves preparing presents. I started the composition with a loose sketch using a mechanical pencil.
I start to ink the pencil outlines using the ZIG Cartoonist Mangaka Flexible Medium pen and the Japanese Brush Pen No. 24. I alternate between the two pens to experiment with line variations. The Japanese Brush pen allows for versatility in line work with the smooth flowing ink and the Mangaka Flexible pen helps tidy up any wonky lines.
When completed with the inking, I erased the un-needed pencil lines, leaving a clean image ready for my selection of colours.
I start laying down my base colours using the Brush tip of the KureColor Fine & Brush markers for wide coverage.
After the base colour is dried, I apply another layer using darker colours from the same colour range to create shadows. I use the Fine tip for this task as I want precision in the darker colour layering.
For the fine hair details on the boy elf, I used the Fine tip of a darker colour to layer quickly over a lighter base colour with firm and sharp straight strokes…

…and I use the Brush tip of two similar colours to create a softer shade for the girl elf by first edging the darkest part of the shadow with the darker colour and while the ink is still wet, switch to the lighter shade and stroke the still wet darker ink outwards so it blends with the lighter shade, creating a fading effect.
Using the Wink of Luna metallic pens, I coloured in the present box and ribbons, giving the image another colourful layer of vibrancy.
To add even more sparkle and shine to this piece, I used Gold and Silver Mica inks with a thin detailer brush to add details to the elves’ garments. I swirled the brush around quickly to create scattered and faded silver patterns on the girl elf’s dress and cap and brushed on a thick layer of gold for the boy elf’s outfit’s trimmings.
I wrote random names on the elves’ list using the Mangaka 05 pen and round off small details of the piece such as the freckles on the boy elf’s nose and adding highlights on the eyes using the ZIG White Ink 30 and a fine brush.
I finished off the image by adding a frame of bow ribbons and holly and berries and added a thin layer of glitter over the bow ribbon using a Wink of Stella clear glitter pen for more sparkle.
DONE! Will you be on the Naughty or Nice list this year?
For this piece I used ZIG Cartoonist Mangaka Flexible Medium, Mangaka 05 and Japanese Brush Pen No. 24 for outlining, ZIG Cartoonist KureColor Fine & Brush Pens for the main colours, Brilliant Gold and Brilliant Silver Mica inks, ZIG White Ink 30, Wink of Stella and Luna pens for adding details and sparkle.