Wednesday, 11 November 2015


I’m here again today to guide you step by step and show you how I made this CAS card (Clean And Simple) I tend to get started really late in making my Christmas card so a CAS card is always welcome.

The first step today is to make a mask. You can make this by stamping your image onto thin copy paper and cut it out. We will be using this mask to cover another stamped image so a little adhesive at the back is always very helpful. 

That’s when the ZIG 2 Way Glue comes in very handy.
At the back of my mask I put little dots of the glue, as you can see it’s blue. If I were to put it onto another paper right now, the two papers would be permanently bonded. But if you leave the glue to rest it will become clear and now you can temporarily adhere this mask, for example, onto another paper. The nice thing is you can also use these mask several times, when you are ready you can store them on the plastic sheet of the stamps, ready for future use.

While my glue is left to rest I start my card. I stamped my first bauble onto the paper. I used a waterproof ink as I want to use water to blend out some of my Clean Color Real Brush markers.
Since it’s a CAS card I decided to make several of them at one time ;-)
When my mask is ready and the glue is completely transparent  I cover up my first bauble using my mask. Now I can go ahead and stamp a second bauble on top of my first, since it’s protected by my mask.
Removing the mask is very easy and the glue didn’t bruise my paper at all. You can see now why my mask was so important. By using a mask I can stamp two objects and give the impression they are behind each other.

I stamped a third globe and started coloring in my baubles. I used my Clean Color Real Brush marker nr. 33 Persian Green and a Wink of Stella for this as I want my baubles to be a bit shiny.

When my baubles are colored in I gave them  a soft background to stand out a bit more. I blended the Clean Color Brush Marker nr 95 Dark Gray using water to blend out the color and create the soft background even though it’s a dark ink.
Stamping onto watercolour paper isn’t always easy since there is some structure in the paper.If you have stamped images that aren’t stamped dark enough you can easily fix this.  I used the Zig Millenium to put a thin layer of black on top of the outside of my baubles. That way they stand out again and it looks as if they were stamped right.
I also used the Zig Millenium to draw in some strings for my baubles.
All that is left to do now is finish of the card. As I said I kept it CAS, that way I can make several of them really fast and fill my box with Christmas cards. And why not make some using different colors?
Used materials
·         Zig2 Way Glue squeeze and roll
·         ZigClean Color Real Brush markers nr. 033 Persian Green - nr 95 Dark Gray
·         ZigWink of Stella Clear
·         Watercolor papers - cardstock
·         Waterproof ink