Monday, 5 October 2015

ZIG Cartoonist: Mangaka -Part 04- Bimoji

Kuretake Bimoji Fude: (‘bimoji' and ‘fude' are Japanese for ‘beautiful characters/lettering’ and ‘brush’ respectively) Kuretake Bimoji imitates the weight and feel of a Japanese Calligraphy brush pen. Up to five tip sizes are available, in black only, which allows for a variety of line-work.

Bimoji's flexible brush tips are perfect for comic outlining. The first four Bimoji Fudes are flexible fibre brush tips. The fifth is a nylon bristle brush tip!

Bimoji Fude Super Fine
Bimoji Fude Extra fine tip.

Bimoji Fude Fine tip
Bimoji Fude Fine tip.
Bimoji Fude Medium tip.
Bimoji Large tip.
Bimoji Medium polyester brush tip.

This pen is designed for a drybrush effect; as you cannot control the ink flow - if used quickly you will be able to achieve the dry brush effect, commonly seen in Japanese artwork. Using this marker slowly will allow for a solid line flow.

These inks are the same ink qualities as the ZIG Mangaka markers; they are water based pigment, so they are smudge proof with alcohol markers and waterproof once dry. We recommend a drying time of approximately twenty minutes on good quality paper stock for optimum results.

Bimoji are perfect to use with alcohol based dye markers such as Kurecolor or pigment markers like Wink of Stella - add glitter to the hair and eyes of your Manga projects!