Friday, 23 October 2015

Transport by DT Member Daniel

- 0.3 Lead Pencil
- ZIG Cartoonist Mangaka 01 + 005
- ZIG Cartoonist Black Ink 60
- ZIG Cartoonist Pen Nib G-Pen + Nib Holder
- ZIG Cartoonist Brush Pen No. 22
- ZIG Clean Color Real Brush [Carmine Red]

For this Inktober piece, I considered the assigned theme of Transport
and wanted to create a piece that expressed the sense of discomfort
that is generally felt when using public transport. I thought about getting
swamped by rush hour traffic, the odd characters and litter found within
the vehicles that transport us and how disturbing it can all sometimes
For this illustration I had the idea of showing a group of people inside a
subway in a somewhat contaminated setting, going on with their
activities to make the time pass throughout their journey.
The gas masks they wear for protection depicts the sense of
disturbance in what would be a normal situation. The 1984 references
add on to that.

- Step 1: I started sketching out the characters for the drawing using the
0.3 Lead Pencil.
- Step 2+3: Once the sketch is complete, I then move on to inking the
characters using a selection of ZIG Cartoonist Mangaka pens. Once
the characters are outlined, I move on to work on shading, using the
ZIG Cartoonist Brush Pen No. 22. I emphasise the textures by plotting
out the tip of the ink brush.
- Step 4: Once that is done, we now have a finished inked version of
the artwork. Which leads us now to the final process for this piece,
colouring! The last element to add on is the spot color. Using the ZIG
Clean Color Real Brush in Carmine Red, I coloured in specific
elements on the illustration to highlight their traits.
- Step 5: Et Voilà! I present you with the finished piece that I have
entitled Toxic Transport. Hope you enjoy it!