Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Space by DT Member Veerle Moreels

Hi, it’s my turn to show a step by step today. The theme is space and I wanted to create a background looking like space and thought the Woodcraft markers would be ideal for this.

I prepared my working surface by laying down a big piece of plastic. You need a surface that will resist water. Then I started by coloring some of the paint directly onto the plastic.
I layed down the colors Violet – Wild Heather- Flesh first.  As last I layer down the color Violet metallic. As you can see this metallic paint already starts to react and softly blends with the other colors
The next step is to spritz some water onto the paint. The paint in these markers reacts so nice to water as you can see on this picture. They start blending and especially the metallic paint works his way around.
Now you can lay down your piece of paper in the paint and smoosh it around. Pick it up to see if you have enough color going on, on your piece of paper. If not, just push your paper down in the paint again until your whole piece is covered with paint.
While the paint is still wet on your paper you can go ahead and spritz some water on top of it again. This will get the paints reacting even more with each other and have them blending beautiful. Tilt your paper to move the paint around. 
Best thing to do now is to step away and let the paint do its thing. If you like what you see however and you want the paint to stop moving: dry it using a heat-tool.
 If you let the paint go on and blend you can get the marbling you see on this picture
You may still have paint left on your plastic sheet after coloring one piece of paper. You don’t have to let this go to waste. Just use another piece to pick up the paint.  That way you already have a colored piece of paper for future projects.  I went ahead and made several of these papers and chose this one to make my project with.
Space is known for its millions of stars so I took my Violet metallic and scribbled some on my plastic again and also with the White Posterman. I added some water to the paint and ink and used a brush to splatter some stars in my space.  The bigger your brush is the bigger the splashes will be.  Take care and protect your working surface since the splashes could end up everywhere, even on your cloths.
I loved my background so much that I didn’t want to cover it up too much. So I went for a stamp with a quote that fitted and the stamp of a star.  I used some heat embossing powder to put them onto my project.  The stars needed some help to stand out a little bit more out of my background so I outlined them using a Zig Millenniummarker 01.
My project ended up being a tag that will be used in my agenda to help me find my pages much quicker.  But I’m sure that I’ll be making a card out of the other pieces of paper I created this afternoon.
I hope you give these Woodcraft markers a try. They react really nice to water and make beautiful blends even on paper.
Used materials
Woodcraft markers: Violet metallic – Violet - Wild heather – Flesh
Watercolor paper – black cardstock
Spraybottle with water
Stamps – embossingpowder