Monday, 5 October 2015

Space by DT member Daniel Ferst

- 0.3 Lead Pencil

For this piece, I considered the theme of Space and wanted to create an
illustration that depicts the infinity of the galaxy within a confined frame.
I thought about astronauts being caught within two settings, the earth
from which they are familiar with and the everlasting void that they
venture out into.
For this illustration I had the idea of depicting an astronaut entering a
tear between two worlds. The tear opens up an entry into space from
which the astronaut finds them self entranced by the beauty of the stars.
The negative space represent the world that they know, fading out of the


- Step 1: I started sketching out the character for the drawing using a
0.3 Lead Pencil.
- Step 2: Once the sketch is complete, I then move on to inking the
character using a selection of ZIG Cartoonist Mangaka pens. Once
the character is outlined, I move on to work on shading, using the ZIG
Cartoonist Brush Pen No. 22. I emphasise the textures by plotting out
the tip of the ink brush.
- Step 3: The background will essentially consist of layers. I created the
primary layer using a black thick chalk marker and simply scribble
around the character leaving a fading effect around the edges of the
- Step 4: To create a sense of spacing between the character and the
background. I used another fading effect using the ZIG Cartoonist
Black Ink 60 with my fingerprints. To create a sense of lightning within
the background, I used the same method overlapping the ZIG
- Step 5: The final step to creating the background is to add the stars.
Gold and Silver inks, I drew a star towards the middle of the
background as a counterpoint of focus for the character. Fill up the
remaining space by plotting out the pen nib with both inks. For added
effect, I also used a small white chalk marker to plot out more stars.
Once that is done, we now have a finished inked version of the
- Step 6: The last element to add on is the spot color. Using the ZIG
Clean Color Real Brush in Carmine Red, I coloured in specific
elements, referring to the suit, on the character to highlight their traits.
- Step 7: There you have it! I present you with the finished piece, I have
entitled “Space Daze”. Hope you enjoy it!