Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Inktober Day 21 - Flowers by DT member Veerle


Today it’s my turn to show what I made and share it step by step. Since the theme is Inktober I wanted to show how I , as a stamping girl, love to use the inks in my Zig Clean Color markers in a different way. I love to use them to color in my stamped images but I also love to use these inks to stamp with.

As first step I used a waterproof ink to stamp the base for the stamp I’m using today: the outlines of my flowers. Be sure to use an ink that is waterproof since there will be water used in the next step. Also use a watercolor paper to get the inks to blend nicely when we put them on the project.
Next step is to color directly with the Clean Color markers onto my second part of the stamp.  I used different shades of red: 023 Scarlet red – 020 Red – 260 Deep red.
Best stamps to color onto are rubber stamps. Clear stamps get the color pulled up in tiny dots so it’s not easy to get a nice stamped image. Especially with detailed images.
When my stamp is completely covered with ink I spritzed some water on top of it to get all of my colors to activate.
After stamping the ink onto the card it could happen that the ink didn’t blend as well as you wanted it to blend.  You can see some spots in the right top flower and the flower at the bottom  stayed white.
Since this ink stays reactive to water you can easily fix this problem if it bothers you. Take a wet brush ( not to wet) and blend the colors. If there is not enough color just scribble with the Clean color marker onto a sheet of plastic and pick up some color with the brush. This way I made the white spots disappear.
This shows you how important the use of water is in this technique.  To demonstrate how important  I stamped my text stamp ( “Kusje” means little kiss J )using a different amount of water. I used 052 Bright yellow - 023 Scarlet Red - 260 deep Red to color my stamp.

The first time I stamped Kusje I colored it in and only breathed onto it. You know when you used to breath onto mirrors or windows so you could write your name into it? That kind of breathing I also did on my stamp to get the inks activated enough to get them stamped. You can see it stamped nice but the colors didn’t really blend with each other.

The second time I used the same colors but I sprayed a fine mist of water onto my stamp and I gave my inks some time to react with the water and each other.  Not a big difference with the first stamped image. You can see the colors blend a little better but the color is not as bold anymore since the ink is a little thinner now there is water added.

The last time I went all the way and sprayed to much water onto my inks.  Just to show you can really get the colors to blend completely and you can get a watercolor effect if you really want to.
I chose to spritz just a fine mist onto my stamp to use it on my project. Before stamping I also tilted my stamp a bit to get the colors to move and blend a little bit.

And this is my final result. Using the inks in my Clean Color markers to stamp and use their ability to react with water to blend the colors.
I hope you give it a try. It‘s really fun to see how different your results can get when playing with the amount of water. And you see, ink doesn’t only have to be used to draw something.

Used materials
Zig Clean Color: 052 Bright yellow - 023 Scarlet Red  – 020 Red - 260 deep Red
Watercolour paper
Waterproof black ink
Rubber stamps
Spray bottle filled with water