Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Creating a "space" to fill with good memories by DT member Patricia

Hello fellow readers! Here I am once again, with my project for this month, "Space". This time, I created a space for a special photo of me and my good friend next to a very old and beautiful tree. Was a special day, so I thought it needed a frame, and that I should try to make one with recycled items, like wooden sticks. 

Now that I have quite a collection of ZIGWoodcrafter Markers, it's the perfect occasion to give the handmade frame an unique, vibrant look.

I used (top to bottom):
- 624 Burnt Umber
- 623 Golden Yarrow
- 123 Antique Metallic
- 442 Moss Green
- 446 English Cucumber
- 441 Forest Green

I also used the ZIG Memory System 2 Way Glue Pen to put all the pieces together.

& other kind of materials:

- Wooden sticks
- Cardstock
- Studio G stamp sets CD0012 Series 35
- Some strass jewels (embellishments)

I started applying the colors on the surface with long strokes, and I even applied a second hand of paint after the first hand was dry, so the color looks more brilliant.

I used 442 Green Moss here.

Then 446 English Cucumber. 

I painted my clear stamps and applied them to the wooden surfaces, and it looked very well. Here using 441 Forest Green.

Here using 123 Antique Metallic.

Then, used my 123 Antique Metallic WoodcrafterMarker to colour some parts of the stamped design, so it looks more interesting, grabbing attention. These markers really work amazingly to use them on acrylic stamps.

I created a pattern, mixing colors and little strokes in the rest of the wooden sticks.

Used : 123 Antique Metallic, 442 Moss Green & 441 Forest Green. 

Used: 624 Burnt Umber, 623 Golden Yarrow, 123 Antique Metallic & 442 Moss Green, here.

I placed all the pieces together, creating this space I meant to use to put the photo, and then using my 2 Way Glue pen, I attached them to the cardstock.

Looking really pretty! (here I also added a little strass jewel) 

And here's the finished project, ready to be placed on my wall of good memories and moments.

Hope you all enjoyed reading my post, and got inspired somehow :) 

Take care!