Thursday, 15 October 2015

Butterfly Scrap-booking with DT Member Patricia

Hello fellow readers! I hope this post finds you all well. Today I will show you what I did using butterflies as the main theme for my project. This time I did a page of scrap-booking :)

I used:

- ZIG Memory System 2 Way Glue pen
- ZIG Posterman pen (White)
- ZIG Water Colour System Brush20 (Detailer Tip)
- ZIG Cocoiro letter pen (Super Fine Brush, Black)
- ZIG Wink Of Stella (Clear glitter)

ZIG Woodcraft Markers: 
- 624 Burnt Umber
- 445 Green Apple
- 123 Antique Metallic
- 442 Moss Green
- 621 Burnt Sienna
- 446 English Cucumber
- 441 Forest Green
- 623 Golden Yarrow

ZIG Clean Color Real Brush :
- 025
- 064
- 096
- 075

 ZIG Art & Graphic Twin pens:
- 38
- 54
- 22
- 37

& I also used other kind of materials:

- Wooden butterflies
- Watercolor paper (170g)
- Spray bottles
- Cardstock embellishments (Letters, hearts, corners, etc)
- Some washi tape and a piece of thread.

I started by, painting the butterflies with my ZIG Woodcraft Markers. I then applyed water (with my ZIG Water Colour System BrusH2O) on the Woodcraft Marker ink before the ink completely drys. As this kind of ink mixes so well with water and you are able to graduate shading with the colours. I played with many possibilities which this ink offered me, mixing colours and trying to add textures.
I added some bits of vibrant gold (123 Antique Metallic) to one of the butterflies' wings.
I mixed water and ink from my ZIG Art & Graphic Twin pens in a spray bottle and, applied those to my watercolour paper, creating an interesting pattern. To create a vibrant garden, I used ZIG Cocoiro Letter Pen to draw flowers. Then using the ZIG Clean Color Real Brushes and the ZIG Posterman pen, I added some shadow to the petals, which I coloured by mixing different colours to get other tones.
Also drew garland streamers; even though Woodcraft markers are marketed for painting onto wood, you can also paint on paper, getting the same intense gold colour.
As I also used it to stamp a few triangles on my watercolour paper. They worked perfectly, not losing the metallic look.
I started putting all the elements together. I punched a hole (which I hid behind another flower) to tie the piece of thread around a section of the paper, for the garland. Glued the picture and all the embellishments using the ZIG Memory System 2 Way Glue pen.
The result, a closer look at the finished project, with the letters and the butterflies glued and the calligraphy I did by hand, using my ZIG Cocoiro Letter Pen:

I hope you enjoyed my scrap-booking tutorial. Stay inspired and take care!