Monday, 14 September 2015

ZIG Cartoonist: Mangaka -Part 01- Rendering

Hello fellow creatives,

Today we are doing a special highlight of our ZIG Cartoonist Range. 

As some of you may be aware, #Inktober is getting closer and closer, and we have prepared a series of posts to highlight some items that would be perfect for this art challenge.

ZIG Cartoonist was introduced to our range back in 2012, and contains a selection of high quality tools used by comic artists and professional mangakas alike! This year we also have some new additions to this range. First of all let's start with some of our outliners.


ZIG Mangaka 003
Above is the complete range; five colours are available in a selection of seven tip sizes. New to this range is our super fine 003 and 005 markers, and a 03 marker - all available in black. 

ZIG Mangaka: (‘mangaka’ is Japanese for comic artist). These markers are a highly versatile set of pigment fineliners. Water-based pigment ink allows for a waterproof finish, that is also smudge proof with alcohol markers once given time to dry. Japanese nibs allow for a smooth and consistent line weight - so you get an even line every time with this marker.

These pens are recommended for laying out grids and panels, or general outlining. If users find dip-pens difficult to use, then these are a great alternative. Our finest marker is 003 which is perfect for those fine areas such as lines of the eye, and hair details. I'd recommend drying time of twenty minutes, on good quality paper stock, for optimum results.


5 colours are available in this range: Light Blue (01 size only) is perfect for rendering artwork. The ink is invisible to scanner, photocopier and camera light (same as the animation blue line technique). Light Gray (01 & 02) imitates a pencil grey line and is perfect for greyscale line-work. 

This marker is only available in 01. The ink is invisible to scanner and photocopier light (it is also quite difficult to photograph - I have taken serveral lower exposures to show you how the ink shows in different lightings). So the idea behind this pen is that you use it for rendering.

You can layout your drawing first, then colour with your medium of choice (I used Clean Color Real Brush) and then refine you lines with a darker marker.

Gray is a little darker than Light Blue, and is great for grayscale work or as a rendering tool;
Gray is available in size 01 & 02.

So above I used Gray as a rendering tool, coloured with Clean Color Real Brush, then added Violet Mangaka to finish the portrait off. 

Light Blue and Gray come in a set of 5 01 Mangaka markers along side Violet, Sepia and Black.

In the next post I will cover the Black, Violet and Sepia colours in Mangaka!