Monday, 21 September 2015

Vera Peneda - Baking with Love

Hey everyone!!!

Today I bring you a quick and easy tutorial on a different format than the one I usually do.
So, as usual, I started by sketching my work, and give it somewhat of cleaner lines to later ink:

 Then I started inking the thinner lines with the Mangaka 01

Then I go for medium lines with the Mangaka 03

And for the “Baking with love” I inked with the Mangaka Flexible Medium:

Once the ink has fully dried I erase the pencil lines so I can start coloring:

So I applied the base colors with the following Kurecolor Fine & Brushes: 201 Pink Haze; 221 Light Pink; 423 Vanilla; 422 Cream Yellow; 225 Pink; 705 Brown

Then using some darker shades and blending them with the base colors I used: 262 Pale Rose (blend with Pink Haze) 769 Deep Brown (blend with Brown)

229 Dark Pink & 665 Deep Pink (blend over the Pink and Pink Haze), 730 Oatmeal (blend over Vanilla and Cream Yellow)

For touch ups where I went over the lines, and for the dots and hightlights I used my white Posterman Pen.

And that’s the final result you guys!!! Hope you enjoyed and good luck!