Monday, 14 September 2015

May the best baker win! by DT Member Anna

Step 1: For my Baking themed project, I drew inspiration from The Great British Bake Off and decided to depict two bakers battling it out.
 I started the compositions with a loose sketch using a mechanical pencil.

Step 2: I use the ZIG CartoonistMangaka Flexible Medium pen to ink the image.
 It creates a crisp and bold outline and the gentle flexibility of the nib point allows for the versatility to make the lines thinner or thicker.

Step 3: When completed with the inking, I erased the un-needed pencil lines, leaving a clean image ready for my selection of colours.

Step 4: I start laying down my base colours using the Brush tip of the KureColor Fine & Brush markers
 to block out the wide areas and the Fine tip to carefully fill in the small areas.

Step 5: After filling the image with the base colours, I selected a darker colour from the same tone range to layer on top.
 KureColor is nice for contrast colour layering also, giving the potential in creating exciting, bold and vibrant images,
 e.g. layer a light violet on top of a light pink instead of using a darker shade of pink.

Step 6: Using the ZIG CartoonistMangaka 05 pen, I added in small details like the eyelashes and texture spots on the breads and cakes…

Step 7: …and I use the ZIG PostermanWhite pen to add highlights to areas 
such as the hair and eyes and add the cream on the swiss roll, sprinkles on the donuts and seeds on the breads.

Step 8: Using the Wink of Stella whiteglitter pen, I lightly dabbed over some breads, croissants and donuts to give it a light coating of flour or icing.

Step 9: Finally, to finish off, I used a bright yellow and vibrant red from the KureColor Fine & Brush range to colour around the “vs” sign
 between the bakers to highlight their attitude.
 The deep red contrasts strongly with the light and pastel colours of the bread and pastries giving this piece a layer of intensity!

Step 10: DONE! May the best baker win!