Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Choco-mint Cookies by DT member Patricia

Hello there, fellow readers! Hope you're all well.

This time I'm bringing you all a yummy card I made for August theme, "Baking". Tried to bake choco-mint cookies for it, using my whole collection of ZIG Woodcraft markers, my Varnish Marker and my ZIG Posterman pens, apart from other few products, portrayed in here:

- ZIG Woodcraft Markers: Burnt Umber (624), Antique Metallic (123), Golden Yarrow (623), Burnt Sienna (621), Moss Green (442) English Cucumber (440), Forest Green (441), Green Apple (446).
- ZIG Posterman Markers: White (000), Black (010)
- ZIG Art&Graphic Twin Pens: Marine Green (038), Turquoise Green (054).


- Cardstock.
- Watercolour Paper.
- Washi Tape.
- Double Sided Tape.
- Prima Clear Stamp #960124.
- Wood (circles)
I started my project by painting my wood pieces with my woodcraft markers, and put some techniques on practice, as blending two colors together (you can do that as the ink is still wet, because once it dries it will remain waterproof), and as applying some texture by adding layers and stains of ink.
Once the base paint got dried, I started  adding the brown tones around, so it looks like the icing on cookies. Later we will exaggerate these icing' look so it looks more glazed.
Added some few details, like minty sprinkles, chocolate trails and chocolate bits, of course. Used my Posterman pens for this, as their narrow tip really helped adding these little details.
Using my metallic gold marker, Antique Metallic (123), which I love, I added a small heart on top of one of the cookies.

So, I waited 24 hours before applying my ZIG Varnish Marker on the icing, so it stands out. My project looks more interesting at this point.
I stamped my sentiment then on a piece of watercolour paper, and also used my beloved ZIG Art&Graphic Twin Pen to do some fancy free calligraphy.
I created some background with washi tape, and then glued my pieces to the front of the card using my ZIG 2 Way Glue.
The cookies really look vibrant and quite yummy! :)
And that's it, my bunch of tasty cookies are ready to be delivered :)

I do hope my project inspired you to start "baking" some amazing artwork, and thanks for reading! x