Friday, 11 September 2015

A tasty treat by DT member Leslie.

Introduction : Baking a tasty treat can help show someone how much you love them! That is where my idea for today has come from.

Stage 01: First I sketched out my initial idea in pencil.
Stage 02: I decided to use the Gansai Tambi watercolours for the background. If you want to build up a ‘cloudy’ look like I have, sweep your brush in circle motions, returning to pick up more colour and working from light to dark.
Stage 03: I then focused on the characters and cake, again, building up from light to dark. Remember when shading to know where your light source is. In this case the light is coming from the candle on the cake.
Stage 04: I filled the letting and heart in with the No.34 Dark Pink watercolour, being careful to follow my pencil lines.
Stage 05: I then used the Gold Mica ink over the watercolour to get this lovely shimmer.  It also comes in silver and these are great for adding some sparkle to your work!
Stage 06: I then go back into the base colours with darker tones to add some more depth to the hair. Here I used No.46 Brown over No.44 Light Brown. Always go from light to dark, building up layers until you’re happy.  It best to work slow and remember, you can always add more but it’s much harder go back when working in watercolour!
Stage 07: Tracing what is still visible from the earlier pencil lines, I carefully use the SumiBrush pen to outline the characters. It’s much better to do this once you have your colours down to avoid any sort of bleed from the water. I also used the medium and fine Mangaka pens for some finer detailing.
Stage 08: I wanted to brighten up the background so worked over the blue with the No.34 Dark Pink watercolour. I then used the ZIG Clean Color Real Brush in Pink to add a few fine details around the cake and lettering.

Stage 09 – Final Image: And I’m done! I hope you feel inspired to try your own bake themed illustration and have fun experimenting with different products together! 

Materials used: