Monday, 10 August 2015

“Life Is Better In Flip-Flops” by Bethany Grace

To me, the theme of ‘Holidays and Vacations’ can be summed up in just two words: flip and flop. I mean seriously, what summer break is complete without the joyous flippity-floppity sound of walking along the beach, or attempting to run from an ill-placed water pistol? So when I was asked to create a project inspired by a good old summer getaway, I just had to create some flip-flops…

Equipment used: A4 sheet cream mountboard, A4 white paper, pencil, scissors, ‘Honeysuckle’ Woodcraft Marker, ‘Buttercup’ Woodcraft Marker, paintbrush, ‘Wild Rose’ Woodcraft Marker, sponge, ‘Marigold’ Woodcraft Marker, script background stamp, ‘Cantaloupe’ Ranger Liquid Pearls, ‘Petal Pink’ Ranger Liquid Pearls, ‘Golden Fish’ Cosmic Shimmer Mist, hole punch, 16 inches of cream lace/ribbon, double-sided tape, 4 paper flowers, 2 orange brads, glue gun.
How to do it: I began by drawing out my flip-flop template onto paper, and then traced it twice onto the cream mountboard. Using my scissors, I cut out the shapes.
Using the ‘Honeysuckle’ Woodcraft Marker, I coloured in the flip-flops. I then scribbled onto a plastic mat with the ‘Buttercup’ Woodcraft Marker, wet it slightly and used a paintbrush to fade the edges of my flip-flops with the lighter, sandier shade. Finally, I drew around the very edges of my mountboard shapes with the ‘Wild Rose’ Woodcraft Marker, to give the edges a neater finish.
When this first layer was dry – this doesn’t take long with Kuretake markers so I didn’t have long to wait! – I focused on adding some summery patterns to the flip-flops. I first created my own stencil using some paper; I cheated and used a flower punch but it is just as easy to draw a basic flower and cut it out! Again, I scribbled onto a plastic mat, this time with the
‘Wild Rose’ Woodcraft Marker. I then used a sponge to dab through my stencil, and then repeated the process using the ‘Marigold’ Woodcraft Marker to give the effect seen below – some proper surf-style patterns appearing on the flip-flops now…
To add a little more texture to the flip-flops, I used my trusty script background stamp – the same one I always use for messy mediums like paint…it was a sacrifice I was oh too willing to make! – and the ‘Wild Rose’ Woodcraft Marker. I coloured on the surface of the stamp and used it to add pattern down the right-hand side of both flip-flops.
Now, one of the greatest things about the Kuretake Woodcraft Markers is their matte finish, which is often hard to find when it comes to paints, however for this particular project I wanted a little bit of shine to really make the flip-flops sing “summer”. Ranger’s Liquid Pearls worked great for this, and the colours ‘Cantaloupe’ and ‘Petal Pink’ really worked well with my chosen colour scheme. I used the Liquid Pearls to create dotted centres in the corresponding orange and pink stencilled flowers. I also added a little bit of sparkle, courtesy of the Cosmic Shimmer ‘Golden Fish’ Mist which was also great at coordinating with my chosen Woodcraft Markers. A quick spritz over the flip-flops and voila, the flip-flops were a-twinkling!
The finishing touches… I created some straps by making 3 holes in each flip flop using a hole-punch, then threaded through some ribbon and secured it to the back of the flip-flops with some double-sided tape. Next, I coloured some paper flowers with the ‘Marigold’ Woodcraft Marker, placing an orange brad and a dot of the ‘Cataloupe’ Liquid Pearls in the centre of each, and then secured them in place with the help of a glue gun.
So there you have it: one pair of summer-ready flip-flops! I think they would look great hanging up on the wall in a beach-themed bathroom, or attached to a decorated canvas for a surf-inspired bedroom; you could even make a mini pair to fix to a card or gift! As always, I would love to hear from you all to know what you think of the project, and to see your interpretations and ideas – please do get in touch! Happy creating everyone!