Saturday, 15 August 2015

Kuretake ZIG Brush Style Hi Lite Pen

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a piece of paper marked up with fluorescent ink. It indicates great organisation skills, which is very important for when you need to highlight key notes or to break up texts. Here at Kuretake, we can offer a highlighter that will help to channel your inner organisation flow.

What to look for in Kuretake Brush Style highlighter:
Smear-proof: Almost none.
Fast-drying: 3 seconds.
Precision: High. Can get more control compared to a chisel tip.
Best for: Paperback.
Qualities: Water-based pigment fluorescent highlighter
Colours: Available in 5 colours

 You can create very thin or thick lines with its unique, flexible brush tip, depending on the size of the text that you wish to highlight. To highlight a piece of text all it requires is a simple swipe using a light hand, which is enough to get a vibrant colour without worrying about a messy bleed-through. The brush especially speaks to your inner artist as it adds a little extra something to the doodling we do in our notebooks.