Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Gingerbread Man by DT Memeber Paula

"Run.. run.. just as fast as you can.. you can't catch me, i'm the GINGERBREAD MAN!"

Hey guys and dolls, my theme for this month is very delicious! It's BAKING. I've used lots and lots of different gorgeous Kuretake products in this project, So enjoy my step by step:


My first step was to brainstorm things that reminded me of baking; oven gloves, cookies, cakes, rolling pins.. GINGERBREAD MEN! So I decided to draw a slightly humorous picture of the gingerbread man in his home surroundings. I penciled in the design:

I used two of the gorgeousKuretake Mangaka pens in FLEXIBLE MEDIUM and FLEXIBLEFINE to outline my picture and make it a little bolder, using a combination of the two to add a more in depth element to my picture:
These pens are absolutely gorgeous, they are as flexible as the name suggests and are a dream to work with, these are going to be a massive help when i outline my pictures and they are so comfortable to use. 

I used six colours from my GANSAI TAMBI set (colours 35, 31, 47, 63, 44 and 95) to colour my golden brown gingerbread man, i started with a wash of yellow and used my finger to dab on various brown patches to give the illusion of him having been baked. I then used a gorgeous blue wash for his eyes and some lovely red lips and buttons. I finished my gingerbread man by using a thin waterbrush to put a silvery white line just inside the outline. I think he looks yummy!

I came up with the idea that it might be raining candy canes outside the gingerbread man's house, so i wanted him to have a fancy umbrella to stop them falling on his head! I used my KURECOLOR FINE AND BRUSH for this purpose, These are brilliant pens, with a gorgeous brush nib on one end great for highlighting curves with colour and a fine nib on the other, which i love for cross hatching.  i used light and dark shades to add depth and coloured them in alongside one another. (colours cobalt blue, persian blue, mid yellow and yellow):
I figured the gingerbreads man's house would be made of chocolate, with a beautiful dusting of neopolitan ice cream dripping from the roof. I again used KURECOLOR FINE ANDBRUSH to add the colour in, overlaying different shades using the brush nib. (colours dark oatmeal, nutmeg, light pink, blush and flesh color):

I used GANSAI TAMBI  (colour number 44) And an extremely wetted brush wash to create a biscuity/sponge looking wall for the front of the house and to colour the tree biscuits in the garden:

I used GANSAI TAMBI (colour numbers 20, 46 and 64) To create a wash for the background of my picture. I used a wetted paintbrush to lengthen out the colours and fade them:

My picture is complete! What do you think of it? I loved using lots of fantastic KURETAKE media to create this piece and it's left me feeling hungry!