Wednesday, 19 August 2015

A Tasteful Joke by Daniel Ferst

- 0.3 Lead Pencil
-Non-Photo Blue Pencil

For this piece, I considered the theme of baking and wanted to create a
piece that expressed a sense of enjoyment in regards to consuming a
baked good. I thought about all the effort and work that goes into baking
and saw the outcome of that hard work as a rewarding achievement that
could only make a person smile (provided the baked goods come out
okay). For this illustration I had the idea of showing a person consuming
a cupcake and depicting the different ways from which they are enjoying
it. Their closed eyes and somewhat serious facial expression shows
them savouring and perhaps analysing the flavours of the cupcake,
whilst the icing spread across their mouth shows a more craving and
excited approach to how they have consumed it. The icing also forms a
joker-like smile on their face, showing a moderately symbolic sense of


Step 1: I started sketching out the character for the drawing very
loosely using a Non-Photo Blue Pencil, whilst considering the standards
of structure when it comes to drawing anatomy. I then moved onto to
detailing and structuring the figure using the 0.3 Lead Pencil.
Step 2: Once the sketch is complete, I then moved on to inking the character.
I use a variety of materials when it comes to inking. I begin with the
outlines, using a selection of ZIG Cartoonist Mangaka pens. Depending
on the layout/structure of the image, I will select specific sizes of fine
Consider the distance between the elements you are drawing, the
closer something is to you the thicker the outline should be and the
further away an element is from you, the thinner the line will be.
For the general outline I will vary between the Mangaka 01 and 05. I use
a method of shading called cross-hatching to create textures. Using the
I’ll get some of the finer details in shading, to get the smallest and
thinnest range of cross-hatched lines.
Once the subject is outlined with the fine liners I move on to work on
shading, using the ZIG Cartoonist Brush Pen No. 22. I also emphasise
textures by plotting out the tip of the ink brush.

Step 3 + 4: Once that is done, we now have a finished inked version of
the artwork. Which leads us now to the final process for this piece,
I like to work with spot color so it is important to either stick to a single
color or a small range of colors to highlight some of the elements within
the illustration. For this piece I have stuck to a single color.
Using the ZIGClean Color Real Brush in the Carmine Red. I coloured in
specific elements, referring to the icing, on the character to highlight
their traits. By going over the shaded areas several times, the color will
darken and this will bring out a sense of texture to the illustration. I used
the same brush plotting technique from step 2 to create more texture on
the icing around the face.

Step 5: Et Voilà! I present you with the finished piece. Hope you enjoy