Wednesday, 19 August 2015

A Guide for choosing the best Millennium Pen size

 It’s great to find a precision fine liner which is designed for detailing and intricate marking.  However, choosing which pen nib size is right for your project can be a bit of a daunting task!
We have created this guild to help you pick the best size.
Read on to learn more about our fineliner pens and find the ideal tool for your project! 

  • Qualities: Part of the ZIG Memory System 
  • Water-based Pigment: A type of ink that is water-proof, fade-proof and non-bleeding 
  • Archival Quality: Chemically stable and proven to be long lasting quality.  
  • Photo-safe: Preserves your precious memories and will not harm photographs.  
  • Acid Free: As a component of photo safe, Ph level of materials is within a range that do not have adverse effects on photographs.  
  • Lightfast: The ink will not fade in UV Light.  
  • Odourless and Xylene Free. 
  • Water resistance: This ink will not bleed with watercolours and is perfect for outlining. Once it dries, the ink will not smear, even if water is spilt on the page. Check out the video below.


About Zig Millennium range
Our ZIG Millennium pens comes in six nib sizes and is available in nine colours. It can be used for all types of detailed work. The Millennium produces a smooth consistent line width every time.

Zig Millennium is part of an exciting range designed to give you all the options for preserving your treasured memories and valuable archive materials.They are the perfect tool for scrapbooks, crafter, sketching, technical designers.
Our fantastic range of Millennium's can be found online:click here

 Tip sizes: 

MS-005: This is perfect for detail work, such as eyes.
MS-01: This is great for creating fur/hair effects.
MS-02: Great for sketching
MS-03: This is great for Zentriangles and Kaleidolines.
MS-05: This is great for lettering
This is perfect for bold outlines.