Thursday, 9 July 2015

Woodland Characters - Fox by DT Member Leslie Craig

Hello! Today I’d like to show you an art piece I created with the theme, Woodland Characters!
I decided to draw one of one of my favourite animals, a fox. What other woodland creature has more character than a fox after all? :)

I started off by playing around with the colours I wanted to use and sketching out my idea. I decided to use some acrylic paper as the texture will work nicely with the pens I’m going to use!

I used the lovely bright Cadmium Orange Twin Graphic pen to apply my main base colour for the fox. I then started working over it, applying small patches of colour with the Brown, Burnt Sienna and Cool Grey Twin Graphic pens. I looked up plenty of references of foxes so I knew where the markings should go!

I wanted to build up layers with short line markings, so the piece didn’t appear too flat. For this I used my new ZIG Painty Clementine pen. These pens are so fun to use and there are SO many ways you can use them! Although I’m using them as an quick and easy way to paint over markers, they can be used on ceramics, glass and metal!

 I then used the Canary and White Painty pens to add some highlights on his fur. This is the first time I used the pens in this way and I was really impressed with the result!

It was then time to crack out the Clean Colour Real Brush pens! I love using these pens for sketching. The fine tip on this brush pen makes it really easy to get a nice range of lines so I used the May Green and Turquoise Green pens to draw some grass over the foxes feet. The reason I didn’t draw his feet in earlier is because I wanted to give the impression that his feet were hidden in the long grass :)

 Once I was done with the colours it was time to grab my Kuretake Fountain Pen No.8. I’ve tried a lot of brush pens and this is by far my favourite! I took my time adding more small lines, drawing towards myself, to build up the texture of his furry coat.

 I wanted to add in a little detail, so drew some little flowers in the field with the Pink Real Brush pen.

 And I’m done!! I was really happy with the piece so I decided to frame it :)

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and that it encourages you to experiment with different pen types! You never know what fun effects you’ll find while using them!

Here is a list of all the pens I used in this piece;

ZIG Kuretake Kurecolor Graphic Twin
406 Cadmium Orange
266 Wine Red
738 Burnt Sienna
705 Brown
C.02 Cool Grey 2

ZIG Painty
Garden Green

ZIG Clean Color Real Brush
Turquoise Green
May Green

Kuretake Sumi Brush Pen Blister No.8