Sunday, 5 July 2015


Summer is here! And nothing says summer like a giant sunflower. And here is Christina's step by step guild on how to paint a sunflower with our Gansai Tambi Watercolours.


To create this piece I used a H2O brush (detailer tip), Millennium Fine-liner 0.05 and 0.1. Finally Gansai Tambi watercolour set. The colours I used were;
33 - Orange
53 - Mid Green
51 - May Green
20 - Black
42 - Bright Yellow
44 - Light Brown
46 - Brown
47 - Dark Brown

1. Sketch a quick outline of your sunflower.
2. Wash the sunflower petals with 42 - Bright Yellow. 
3. Add 33 - Orange to the darker areas of the petals, especially where the petals meet the center of the flower. 
4. Next wash the central circle of the sunflower with 46 - Brown and 47 - Dark Brown. Use Brown around the edge of the circle and then gradually mix with and switch to Brown when approaching the centre of the flower.
5. Now lets get add some colour to the leaves with 51 - May Green. Lightly wash the leaves with this paint.
6. Now that all the main colours are down, I can start adding to the painting with more detail. For this I using different shades of paints and draw in detail with fine-liners. I add colours like 44 - Light Brown to the petals. I outline some petals with a fine-liner to make them petals stand out.
7. Once the petals are done, add more shades of green to the leaves of the sunflower. I added 53 - Mid Green and mixed in 20 - Black to create darker shades. Finally draw in any extra detail using the fine-liners. 
Hope you like it. Please comment and share. If you have any questions ask away :)