Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Have yourself a cool summer!

June's theme is about Summer and Woodlands Creatures, so I chose to make a card related to Summer this time for the blog. And what's the best thing about such a season? Yes, you're right: icecream!

The products I used:

First thing is to select the colour combo I want to use, so I went for primary colours. I thought they look very summer-ish all together. Luckily I have the three colours (Tones 10, 22 & 37) in my ZIG Art & Graphic Twin pen collection, yay!

I did piece the background together with a technique I love: I painted some stains of color on my plastic sheet and splattered some water on them. 

They mixed so well I obtained a true rainbow, and even if that was unexpected I really loved the result of that when I rub my paper against that. so often, experimenting brings new and good things.

Using my ZIG Art & Graphic Twin pens, I started painting the sketches of some icecream cones I drew earlier with a mechanical pencil. I tried to water the paper surface before colouring (and then after), so the ink did unexpected pools of ink, giving then some interesting texture. I admit I spent some time experimenting about the best way to breathe some life into these icecream cones, and it was fun. The trick is to play with the colour intensity you want to apply to your project, playing with the shadows and lights.

From all my sketching, I chose these three cones, each one carrying a different flavour, for my card.

But I still had to colour their biscuit cones. I used my Clean Color Real Brush in 096 Mid Gray mixed with water to put some nice colour, then drew some lines with my ZIG Metallic Writer (in silver). I used my ZIG Artist Sketching Pen to draw the outer lines of the cone.

There's some happy icecream cone once I took it carefully from the paper with my scissors.

Put some foam adhesive on the back of the little cones and glued them to the background. Then, placed that to the card front, leaving some space at the bottom for the sentiment.

Cut two paper circles and decorated them: brushing the magenta pen on the outer circle, creating a dash line; and mixing the ink with water, creating a polka dot pattern on the inner circle. Wrote then the sentiment with my ZIG Artist Sketching Pen.

I added some fancy ribbon around and the card is ready!

Hope you like my card and got inspired by this and by everything the amazing people from the DT is creating here :)