Monday, 13 July 2015

Daniel's Woodland Creatures

-0.3 Lead Pencil from Staedtler
-Mars Technico Lead Pencil from Staedler
-PC-1MR Posca Marker [White]
-ZIG Cartoonist Mangaka 01, 05, 08
-ZIG Cartoonist Black Ink 60
-ZIG Cartoonist Pen Nib G-Pen + Nib Holder
-ZIG Cartoonist Brush Pen No. 22
-Zig Memory Systems: Calligraphy Pen [Black]
-ZIG Clean Color Real Brush [Carmine Red]
For this piece, entitled “Hide & Seek”, I considered the themes of both Summer and Woodland Characters and wanted to create an image that evoked a sense of playfulness in a natural setting. This piece depicts a group of characters playing a game of Hide & Seek in a forest on a hot summer day. In this game if you are found, you must wear your mask. The little girl behind the tree has yet to be found but the Wolf being the seeker is near her trail, alongside its other victims that have been found.

Step 1: I started sketching out the initial characters for the drawing, detailing and structuring them using the 0.3 Lead Pencil. I then moved on to sketching out the background, this forest will be mostly improvised with free-hand inking so I made a very loose structure.
Step 2: Once the sketch is complete, I then moved on to inking, now that I have a finalised pencil version of the drawing, I can trace over it with ink based materials through the use of a lightbox. I use this method to be safe in case I make a mistake on the original and can always revert back to my pencils. 
Like the previous step, I started inking out the main elements of the drawing before progressing onto the background. 
I use a few different materials when it comes to inking. I begin with the outlines, using a selectionof ZIG Cartoonist Mangaka pens. Depending on the layout/structure of the image, i will select specific sizes of fine liners. Consider the distance between the elements you are drawing, the closer something is to you the thicker the outline should be and the further away an element is from you, the thinner the line will be. This really helps to produce perspectives in your work. 
Once a subject is outlined with the fine liners i move on to work on shading, using the ZIG Cartoonist Brush Pen No. 22. After the darkest parts of the image are heavily shaded with ink i revert back to the fine liners and use a method of shading called cross-hatching to create textures. I emphasise textures by also plotting out the tip of the ink brush as well.
Step 3: I will now move on to the background. As i mentioned before this part will be rather
improvised with free hand inking over a very loose pencilled structure. For the initial part of this forest i used the Zig Memory Systems: Calligraphy Pen. This is a great pen for doing loose drawing as it gives you a variety of sizes from its wide and flat tip on both ends of the pen. You can also use the very end of the corner of tips to get some very fine lines, which are also great for detailing. 
To start off I will bring out the trees, using the wider end of the pen, place it flat and sideways by the outline you want to make for the tree and gently start scribbling upwards. Once the outline is placed you can start filling the tree in with the same scribbling method. 
As you reach the upper part of the trees, your gonna wanna start adding some branches. For that I flipped the Calligraphy pen over and used the thinner end and scribbled out the branches loosely. Once that’s all done you should be starting to get a clearer view on your forest.
Step 4: Now we gotta work on the ground. I started off by detailing some of the grass using the ZIG Cartoonist Pen Nib G-Pen alongside some Zig Cartoonist Black Ink 60, this is a perfect setup to focus on detailed areas.
After that we will be using the same inking methods last Step 2. Shading out some of the darker elements that represent the fallen leaves and earth by plotting out the ZIG Cartoonist Brush Pen No. 22 and various ZIG Cartoonist Mangaka pens. Finalise the remaining space using the cross-hatching technique to build up on textures for the ground.
Step 5: We are almost done now all we need to do is bring some more life into this forest. To dothis we are simply gonna be scattering leaves across all the trees, once again using thinner end of the Zig Memory Systems: Calligraphy Pen. I used a combination of plotting and zig zagging the tip whilst placing it flat on the paper to create these leaves. Towards the upper parts of the trees i used the wider end of the pen to get some thicker leaves.
Step 6: The drawing should now be fully inked, so you should now have your final piece in black & white. The final step is now upon us, colouring! 
I like to work with spot color so it is important to either stick to a single color or a small range of colors to highlight some of the elements within the illustration. 
For this piece, I used the ZIG Clean Color Real Brush in the Carmine Red color, to bring out the characters in visually crowded forest. This emphasises the characters scattered throughout the scenery.

Step 7: Et Voilà! I present you with the finished piece that i have titled “Hide & Seek”. Hope you enjoy it!