Thursday, 16 July 2015

#ColourJuly Day 16: The Sky

Hello fellow readers!

Today I'm bringing  you another piece of art I put together for# ColourJuly art challenge; This time is an illustration I did for day 16th, that fits the theme suggested, "The Sky". Yes, The Sky with capital letters, as this Sky I drew is something special, something filled with nice things, nightmares not allowed :)

First step,  we choose our pens and materials:

- Tissue paper.
- Watercolour paper.
- 0,5 Mechanical pencil.
- ZIG Art & Graphic Twin pens (6, 8, 16, 23, 37 & 56).
- Brush.
- A bit of white ink for corrections and small details.
- Confetti stars.
I wanted to create an effect, similar as those faded yet brilliant colours that compose the called Aurora Borealis. Therefore, I put into practice a technique I really enjoyed the results I get from it: I marked with dots of my selected colours my tissue paper, using my ZIG Art & Graphic Twin pens, and then sprayed  a bit of water, wrinkled the paper to create a texture and then pressed my  watercolour paper against that. I use another piece of scrap paper to hold it tight, and a few books to put more pressure. Then waited till it was starting to get dry, so the most part of the ink traveled to my paper. It was an experiment, but I think it worked really nice. I was satisfied with the colourful shapes I got for my Sky.
I wanted a Moon, so I used a paper punch to get a perfect circle. And did the same technique, This time using a grey tone (ZIG Art & Graphic, 8) as you can see:
It was surprising, how nice my Moon turned (or at least that's what I think :D)! I even got a few craters, and interesting shadows :) 
It was time to start sketching the other part of my drawing, or maybe I should start calling it collage :) Let my imagination to run free and this is what I got in return:
So when I was happy with my sketch, I inked it using my ZIG Art & Graphic, 8. Added colour later, mixing my pens ink with water, applying that mixture with a brush. Tried to put some gradations using combos of two pens in some places (Orange + Pink for the mountains; Green + Grey for the trees). It's great the effect you get when you apply water to dry ink (around the house, it gets faded really nicely).
Traced the hair shape then, and cut both pieces out. So, at that moment, my design looked like that.
I still needed some details, like the tiniest shooting stars.
Confetti stars and clouds I made from scrap paper...
Even stairs, going up, up! :)
Put all those elements together, carefully glued the small pieces with my ZIG MemorySystem 2 Way Glue pen (day after day I love this glue more and more).
Thanks so much, I really hope you liked what I created for the blog today, and I got to inspire you to get your pens and start drawing and experiment :)

Sleep well, have nice dreams :D