Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Veerle Summer Card

I’m happy to be able to show you today another step by step I made. With the summer almost here I just can’t stop thinking of the sea. Really looking forward to go and have some fun at the beach.
Let’s get started and get some of that feeling onto a tag.

I took out  an acrylic block and putted some  Cobalt blue of the Kuretake Gansai Tambi  watercolor paint onto it. It doesn’t have to be an acrylic block, just something resisting water so a plastic sheet, craftsheet,…will do perfectly.

 Sprits on some water so the paints are being diluted even more.  The more water you put on there the better the color will float on your tag. The less water you use will end up in darker more vivid splotches of color on your tag.

I used my watercolor brush to mix the water with the paints so I get nice puddles of paint/color.

Then put your paper directly into the puddles of paint. You can move it around in the color so it covers the whole tag. Pick up the tag once and a while to see where you need more color. If you have to much color just use a paper tissue to dip it off and get a real soft layer. Be aware to use a paper towel without a pattern because you could transfer this onto the paper. This can however give you nice results if wanted.
When you’re happy with this first layer you can let it air-dry or use a heat gun to speed up the drying time. Since this is only my first layer I kept it really soft.

For my second layer I brought the nr 55 Green in onto my acrylic block. I putted a hint of the green in between the blue and putted more of the green at the bottom.  This way I want to get more of the green at the bottom of my tag. Repeat previous steps: spritz on some water and mix it with the water brush to get puddles of color. The more water you use the lighter the colors will be.

I went on putting my tag in the color, adding some of the paint when I thought the color was to light, or some water when I thought I had to much color going on. In between I dried my layers to prevent them to mix with each other not leaving enough movement on my tag.
When dry you can choose to “erase” some of the harder edges you can get by just getting them wet and dab them away with the paper tissue.

While the tag is given time to dry really well I stamped my seahorse onto watercolor paper with versamark ink. This is a colorless ink that gives you the possibility to use embossingpowder and have the black lines of the image slightly raised.
To color this seahorse I used my Zig art and graphic twin markers.  First piece of the seahorse was colored in by putting color directly onto one part of the seahorse with the marker. Leaving some white space so I could drag the color out using a slightly wetted brush. This way you get some depth in the color.
For the second part ( in the middle) I scribbled some color onto an acrylic block so I could pick it up with a slightly wet brush. This way you get a lighter color onto your paper. Then I rinsed out my brush and used it to drag that color out again.

 The more water you get into your color on your acrylic bloc the lighter it becomes.

 I also brought in just a little bit of yellow in the belly of the seahorse.

I took out two pieces of left overs of my watercolor paper. Using the same technique to color the tag I colored one piece green using nr 53 Mid green. This will be used to die cut some leaves out.
The second piece was colored using the watercolor brush. I mixed some of the nr 55 Green + nr 62 Cobalt Blue on an acrylic block. Using my watercolor brush I colored my paper. This piece will be used to stamp on a text.


I wanted some bubbles in my water so I took out a stencil with circles and my Zig emboss pen. By using this marker I can easily choose exactly which bubble I want on my background. I ‘ve drawn in the circles I wanted using the zig marker putting down a sticky layer where I can put on some embossing powder. After heating the embossing powder I got these shiny bubbles in my water.

And here we are when we put everything together. I also used a Zig millennium marker to draw a line around the entire tag and around the leaves to get them to stand out a little bit more to the background.
I have chosen the word cherish but you can easily put any text on there to turn it in to a label to put on a gift.

I hope you liked it and will try out this way of using the Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolor paints.  You can create really nice backgrounds this way to use in a lot of different projects. Have fun!
Greetz, Veerle

Used materials
Kuretake Gansai Tambi nrs.   53 Mid Green  -  55 Green  -  62 Cobalt blue
Zig art and graphic twin pens nrs. 1 – 16
Zig embossing marker
Zig millennium pen 01
Watercolor paper – black cardstock
Retired die to cut out some leafs
Stamp: Deep red ~seahorse  -  Crafters companion ~Words of wonder 1
Black archival ink
Versamark inkpad
Embossing powder: black - holographic
Stencil Finnabair