Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Love Birds

This month's project theme is Weddings/Spring. After brainstorming many ideas from bouquets to baby animals, I decided BIRDS! And to make it relevant to weddings as well as spring…LOVE BIRDS.

Equipment Used

To create this piece I used a H2O brush (detailer tip), Millennium Fine-liner 0.05 and Gansai Tambi Watercolour set.

The colours I used were:
51 - May Green
53 - Mid Green
54 - Olive Green
20 - Black
36 - Wine Red
35 - Carmine Red
44 - Light Brown
33 - Orange
64 - Blue

Sketch out the lovebirds.  I picked the image above because of the composition of the birds. They both face each other creating a heart shape, which I liked, and want to over exaggerate.

Start painting. Block in all the main areas of colour in light shades. Mix more water to each colour individually on a pallet to create light shades. The colours used here are 36 - Wine Red, 64 - Blue, 51 - May Green and 44 - Light Brown.

Add darker shades and detail. I always start with the eye. Once the eye looks realistic, I feel that my painting is starting to come to life. This always encourages me to continue and finish the painting.

Once the eyes are finished I focus on one area of colour. First the pink feathers. Continue using 36 - Wine Red but applying darker shades. To do this use less water and more paint. To get an even darker shade apply a tiny bit of 20 - Black to the paint. I also used 35 - Carmine Red in areas which looked more red than pink.

Next, the green feathers. Again add darker shades of the 51 - May Green. I also used 53 - Mid Green
54 - Olive Green and added a tiny bit of 20 - Black to get even darker shades of green.

To make the beaks more realistic add a light amount of 33 - Orange. This finishes the painting. 


I like to add even more detail to my painting by using fine-liners. Here I used the finest of fine-liners. The millennium fine-liner 0.05. With this you can make the black parts of the painting even more black, like the pupil of the eye.

I like to add a bit of type to all my illustrations. So I wrote my quote very light around the bird in pencil. Then with 36 - Wine Red paint each letter.

Finally I outline my lettering with the 0.05 Fineliner.