Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Five Common Crafting Mistakes You Really Should Avoid!

The 5 biggest crafting mistakes...

By Rachel Howard-Louvaine

OK so it's happened to us all, we have invested hours of our precious time and used copious amounts of our expensive art & craft products and what do we have at the end of it all? Well, to be frank, nothing short of a disaster.  It's at times like this when, if you are like me, you just can't seem to work out what went wrong. So here we have collected together the FIVE biggest crafting  mistakes so you can avoid them in the future.


1. Not knowing when to finish... 

So it looked great about three hours ago and now? Maybe you should have left off those extra gems and stopped drawing and redrawing that flower. Overworking your design can be the kiss of doom, turning a fantastic piece into a mess.  Sometimes less REALLY is more. 

 PRO TIP:  If this does happen, deconstruct your item and use individual parts for new projects.







2. Using an inadequate products.

It was so much cheaper, it looked like a bargain. But after one wash those fabric pens disappeared like magic and all your hard work with it. And its not only fabric markers to consider, acid in pens (which are not of archival quality) damage the materials they come into contact with and the colours fade if the inks are not lightfast. Unfortunately it's true what they say, "You get what you pay for."


3. Perfectionism 

Have you ever spent so long thinking about a project, trying to get it perfected in your mind that you never actually get started? You are not alone. The most accomplished crafters are those that just get stuck in, knowing that they will most likely fail along the way but are prepared to do so. By opening themselves up to the possibility of failure they are allowing the creative flow to reach its full potential. These "try it and see" crafters break all the rules, they do not criticise their ideas scaring them away quivering  into a little corner of their brain, they welcome them all with open arms. 



4. Lack of preparation.

Not to be confused with point 3,you might think this is somewhat contradictory and on the surface you are right. But what this is really about is ESSENTIAL preparation, not the procrastination we discussed previously. I am talking about "cutting corners", we have all done it, when we are pushed for time or just impatient. Will anyone really notice if I don't bother with that primer? In short YES! Don't skip essential steps as further down the line it will come back and bite you. The finish won't be as good, or the product won't be as long lasting or worst case scenario the whole thing will be ruined forever. "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.’, Abraham Lincoln.


5. Poor Colour Choices

We need a blog post of its own to explore this one fully- and so we shall next week! But in the meantime remember these top tips 
* Use shades and tones of one colour
*Use analgous colours: Colours that are side by side in a 12 part colour wheel
* Use complimentary colours ; Colours that are opposite each other on a 12 part colour wheel
* Use colours based on nature
By following these simple rules you can avoid hideous clashing horrors that make your eyes hurt!