Thursday, 31 July 2014

Beautiful Butterfly Bag!

Fabric Art has never been so easy, using our unique ZIG Fabricolor Pens you can create your own version of this beautiful butterfly bag.

 1. Outline your image using Laundry Clear Pen. This will gradually fade away or can be removed with water.  If you choose to draw your outline in Fabricolor Twin remember to iron before colouring in or your outline might smudge!                                                                

2. Using your ZIG Fabricolor Twin pens shade the inside of the butterfly, blending the three complimentary pinks. Always start with the lightest colour and then add the medium shade in this case the pink.

3. Add your purple outline sparingly and detail on the wings, use  long strokes and then blend downwards with the light pink to gradate the colour.
4. Outline and add detail with the black ZIG Fabricolor.
Work slowly to get a thick and opaque line.

5. Add detail and highlights to the wings with the opaque silver and white ZIG Fabricolor and then blend a number of these with the pink Fabricolor Twin. The Fabricolor will work over dark colours due to its  opacity.

6. Iron the image to make it colour
fast and permanent.



ZIG FABRICOLOR Water based pigment ink. Non bleeding. Acid Free. Permanent after ironing. Ideal for light and dark fabric.

ZIG FABRICOLOR TWIN Water based pigment ink. Can be blended. Acid Free. Permanent after ironing

LAUNDRY CLEAR Non permanent for fabric. Gradually fades away or can be erased with water. Waterbased dye ink.