Thursday, 20 March 2014

First Day of Spring

Spring is in the air especially with this fabulous project by the colourful design team member Gina Rose

Write up by Gina

I really enjoyed creating this fun project for today, the first day of Spring! (Hurrah! I love Spring, don't you?!).
I have been avidly adding to my collection of pens just lately, as I just love all of the differing kinds available from Kuretake ZIG!
The black outline drawing is using a ZIG Millennium 1.0 so smooth and lovely to use.  I then used a combination of ZIG Clean Color brush pens with the ZIG Brushables for the start of my colouring.  As the ZIG Clean Colors are water based and the ZIG Brushables are waterproof, they are comfortable side by side as they will not run into one another!
Once dry, I used the ZIG Millennium again, and drew more patterns over the top, for the stripey and circular details.  On the darker green areas, I added some silver pen 'dots' with a painty marker.
For the springy stems of the flowers, I used the thinner end of a green ZIG Art and Graphic Twin, and then ZIG Millennium again, and also for the flower outlines.  Flower colourings are a combination of any of the colour pens.  The smaller words are with ZIG Millennium plus light blue ZIG Clean Color.

Finally I added a sweep of ZIG Brushable in Platinum around the edges of the letters, plus a yummy and zingy sweep of the amazing ZIG Wink ofStella clear brush, for added sparkle!  I think this really helps to make those colours POP!  

When playing with your pens, have an adventure!  Make doodles and practice shapes!  Keep the doodles you like, and refer to them when working on more finished and planned designs.  For my letters today, I made them into a tubular look, by finishing the ends with oval shapes to suggest a 3D element. 

Make your pens work hard for you!  Enjoy all of the exciting effects and combinations..... but I warn you, you'll be back for more!

Have Fun!