Saturday, 22 February 2014

Music to my ears... 

Still using the Kurecolor Blender (B.1) to blend colors, but this time, I wanted to achieve the metallic effect, which can be seen in the headset. 

I love how the blender captures the shinny impression not only with the metallic headset, but also with the hair and with the eyes. It makes the illustration standout more and appear to be more digital than traditional.

To achieve the metallic effect, what I usually do is color in the image-- starting with the basic color, followed by the highlights and shadows, and then lightly apply the blender, just to mesh the colors as they touch each other- making sure though, they don't blend all together. Also, I leave white spaces on the image, to highten the glossiness of the parts of the image that is hit by the light.

Thank you Estella Dee for sending through this fantastic Manga artwork. We hope you like it as much as we do :) 

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