Friday, 21 February 2014

Love Manga? You'll love this... 

One of our newest design team members Estella Dee has sent me this amazing Manga artwork and the write up that goes with it is refreshing and inspiring...  keep your eyes open for more work from Estella. 

Here is a write up sent to me by Estella herself... 

For some odd reason, I got myself the Kurecolor Blender (B.1) sometime ago. Odd, because I had no idea how to use it-- at all! 

I just started using graphic markers over a year ago to render my work (I usually use watercolor). Anyways, when I first used graphic markers I fell in love with it, because, when used properly, it gives the same effect as watercolor-- minus the, somewhat, tedious preparations I have to do with watercolor, eg. mixing the colors.

So I did a little research and a few hours of youtube views, I have finally "decoded" the secrets of using the blender. Generally, of course, it is use for blending colors, but apparently you can also use it to "erase" minor mistakes in your rendering. In this sketch though, I used it mainly to blend the colors. I like how it elliminates those hard edges, especially if you need that extra blur to make the colors move from one to the next.

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