Friday, 14 February 2014

Love is in the air... 

Check out this romantic card designed by Cecila Sanchez. I'll give you a run through of what Cecila has done... 
First of all Cecila chose her products and colours which are:
1. Collection of stamps
2. Card stock 

If you've not used the ZIG Art and Graphic Twin pens, you need to get your hands on them. Not only are they twin tipped but they can be diluted with water and used as a water colour. Perfect on paper and ideal for use with stamps. Buy from our online shop for only £2.65. Cecila mixed the ink with some water to create a watered down shade. Once the correct shade was achieved Cecila stamped onto her card stock. 

TIP - Around the edge of the card Cecila used the a Red ZIG Art and Graphic Twin and then smudged it using a baby wipe. 

Afterwards Cecilia wrote love in big letters using a Black ZIG Scroll & Brush

TIP - Using the unique flexible tip of the ZIG Art and Graphic Twin pens you can create love hearts. 

We hope you enjoyed that tutorial as much as we did - the ZIG Art and Graphic Twin pens rock! Buy online at UK Delivery is only 99p and European Delivery is just £7.99
Happy Valentines everyone. We hope you have a lovely day. See you soon for another tutorial straight from Kuretake UK office.