Thursday, 27 February 2014

Discovering Pluto

A few days ago back in 1930 Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto so I decided to make a card inspired by this.

I really wanted to make a glittery 'star' filled background so here is how I created the starry background using the {Wink of Stella brush pen}..  These pens add a spatkle to your projects.  As well as the brush pens there is a fine nib option so they can be used in all sorts of projects.

First squeeze the pen to release ink in to the barrel of the pen to fill it. 

Using a hard tool, I have used a knitting needle, tap the {Wink of Stella brush pen}.  This will cause splatters of paint to fly all over your card.

Repeat this with some other colours until you have the 'starry' sky you require

Next take a {Zig Painty pen} in gold and some Rangers grungeboard or any other type of chipboard stars.

Colour each star carefully, you may need to add a couple of layers to get a good coverage.

Here is a close up of the finished card all stuck together.  This technique is perfect on scrapbooking layouts too.

Have fun creating
Beckie Dreyer