Monday, 9 December 2013

Hey boys and girls, I hope everyone is well. With only 15 days until Christmas Eve here is a lovely idea for any spare plain Christmas baubles bought to you by Miria Molinari. Take a look and please do let me know your thoughts :) 

These are the steps:
1. Here's some quick and easy home decor creations just using ZIG Painty FX pens.

2. I decorated some Christmas baubles writing  a season sentiment on it - it's so easy!
Don't forget to let the paint dry for a few minutes.

3. You can also customize your bauble: I wrote my name with red and added some snowflakes using the white ZIG Painty FX pen, you can prepare one for each  family member!

4. I also had a go at a glass bauble and drew some clean and simple snowflakes on it - it's lovely, isn't it?

5. Check out the finished products below...