Monday, 16 September 2013


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I hope you've had a lovely weekend. With the children back at school why not create something a little different?  Design Team Member Beckie Dreyer has sent me this lovely creation using our ZIG Kurecolor Inks and Painty FX Sign Pen. Here is Beckie's write up...

Jazzed Up Water Bottle 
Products Used
Plastic Water Bottle
Sequin Waste
Masking tape

Hi There, with school back in full swing I thought it was time to camp out in the craft room and make a little back to school project to share with you.
My daughter buys these water bottles at school and even though they are great they are the same as the person who sits next to her.  Yes I could just name the bottle, but I am a crafter, I am a doodler and this is a blank canvas...

I then wrapped a length of sequin waste around the centre of the bottle securing it in place with some masking tape

Take an adaptor and add some 229 Dark Pink Kurecolor Ink to it.  Gently dap it all over the sequin waste.  Repeat this with the 508 GreenKurecolor ink but only dab in certain places.


Next take a painty fx white pen and doodle on the top section of the bottle.  I drew some swirls hearts and flowers.  I added some dots and also coloured in some the sequin dots with the pen too.


Gently remove the sequin waste and hey presto a water bottle that won’t be lost on the school table!

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Thank you Beckie for a great idea :) I dare say a lot of people will be having a go at this :) 

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