Friday, 20 September 2013

The following images came from Market Research. On monday I emailed several customers asking for their particular thoughts on a manga starter kit. A lovely man named Brian Petrie who works for the Scottish Sun replied with his thoughts and in the process told me... 

"I've been a cartoonist for around thiry years and when I discovered Kuretake pens a couple of years ago it was the pen I'd spent my life waiting for. The best ever. The mangake flexible fine, is the only one I use, perfect for the lines I require."

I thanked Brain for his fantastic comments and asked him to send me some images of his work. This is what he sent... 

Don't you just love it? If you would like to purchase the mangaka flexible fine then take a look at our online shop site here.

Would anyone find a manga starter kit beneficial? Would you buy one? If so how much would you spend? Would you buy it from our online shop site? Let me know your thoughts below or email me at  

Have a fantastic weekend :)