Monday, 23 September 2013

Review of Vellum Writer...

Last Thursday (19th September) I opened our facebook account (like us here and saw that the illustrator Ashley Masog had written a review of our ZIG Vellum Writer. Here is the write up...

As an avid user of Micron pens when it comes to inking, I absolutely had to write a review of the Vellum Writer after picking one up. Simply said,
I can honestly say that my brand loyalty has been switched. These pens are great, for many reasons.
1. They’re archival, which is pretty important for a lot of people. It means the hours upon hours you spend on inking won’t fade over the years.
2. They work splendidly with non-photo blue pencils! This is the main reason I decided to try them out. Unlike Microns, where they dry up after continuous use with the pencils, the Vellum Writer doesn’t dry or lag when being used on top of them. They’re perfect for illustrators and comic book artists.
Overall, if you’re someone who does a lot of inking, or someone who simply wants a reliable pen, I’d suggest checking these guys out! You can find them at Michaels or your smaller art supplies stores.

I would just like to thank Ashley for the write up, we really appreciate positive feedback like this. 

Thanks again :) 

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