Sunday, 8 September 2013

Getting inky.

Alcohol Inks

A lovely blog post from Jaine Drake. Get a cuppa and have a read... 

I decided it had been far too long since the last time I used my alcohol inks. A one time favourite of mine, I've been so pre-occupied recently with other things, the alcohol inks have been neglected in a box on the shelf. An empty glass candle holder and a plastic hanging heart found in a craft shop were just the incentives I needed to get messy again.

I started with the heart by blending the Lemon Yellow and Red together then with the smallest spot of Carmine and lots of blending solution I ended up with a wonderful pinky purple heart which I sprinkled with glitter while it was still tacky.

The result when the two halves were put together was a shimmering hanging heart which, if my photography skills were up to the task, you would be able to see it shine and twinkle in the sun.

The glass candle holder I turned upside down on a piece of kitchen paper and let the colours drip down giving this streaky effect. 

Have fun with your alcohol inks and freshen up those old candle holders. 

A lovely post for a lovely weekend, thanks Jaine. It makes me want to get the Kurecolor Inks out and do something similar :) Check out these inks from our Kuretake online shop here.