Sunday, 4 August 2013

Okay so even though this isn't a project as such, I still had to blog it because I love this gal's work. If you haven't seen Kirsten Stackhouse's work before please let me introduce you to it... 

Write up by Kirsten... 

I'm working on a webcomic to put out this fall, and started doing some cartoony marker drawings to get the ball rolling! Here are two of the main characters. 

First I did my sketch, and then inked in the line art with a ZIG Writer pen.

I then coloured in the skin and clothes with Kurecolor Alcohol Twin markers. I also did a simple background with these as well.

To shade the characters, I waited a few minutes for the first coat of marker to dry and then went over the shaded areas once more with the same colour of marker.

Finally I returned to add details with some different coloured Zig Writer pens and then voila!

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