Saturday, 3 August 2013

Hi guys and gals, 

Here I have this rather interesting and fun idea for making your blank CD's more interesting. I unfortunately can't take credit for this idea, but Kirsten Stackhouse, one of our Design Team members can. 

Here is what Kirsten sent me... 

This month I've put together a little CD graphic. Homemade CDs are still cool, right? 

First, I took a blank CD and traced an outline on plain paper. This is just a template.

I then freehanded a Union Jack onto the paper using KureColor Twin alcohol markers. It's more than fine to go outside of your template lines - it actually ensures you wont have white around the edges of your final product!


I jotted down a little writing using an Art & Graphic Twin Water Colour Pens. And lastly I glued the design onto my recently made music CD, using a glue stick and care. Make sure the outer edges are really stuck down flat! And there you go! You're a proper DJ!

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Thank you Kirsten for sending this into me. 

Have a great day guys and gals. 

Speak soon, Becki x