Thursday, 1 August 2013

Calligraphy and Zentangles 

If you have ever done Calligraphy or would like to try it then give our fantastic range of calligraphy pens a go. 

Produced with a sharp edge to help create the perfect writing, these pens can be used by the amateur or the professional. Available in 48 colours, you really are spoilt for choice. Can be bought singularly at £2.84 or in 3 piece set at £8.53, 4 piece set at £11.36 and 8 piece set at £22.72. Or if you are like me and would love the whole set of colours then you can purchase the 48 piece set at £136.51

With a water based acid free pigment they are photo safe and lightfast which can be used on paper and rubber stamping. 

Duel tipped with the same colour either side but one side has a 2mm tip and the other a 5mm tip to create thick and thin writing styles or flowers like below... 

 You can do so much with these pens. These are just two of the examples showing you what you can create. It is very simple when you know how. Our A to ZIG calligraphy italic and gothic books which can also be bought from our online shop will show you how to produce creations like this. 

Next we have our fantastic Millennium pens. An acid free water based pigment ink which can be used on paper and rubber stamping. Available in 9 colours: 

Pure Black, Pure Red, Pure Pink, Pure Green, Pure Yellow, Pure Brown, Pure Orange and Pure Violet. 

Each colour can be bought in 6 different sizes:
0.05mm tip which produces a 0.2mm line
0.1mm tip producing a 0.25mm line
0.2mm tip which produces a 0.3mm line
0.3mm tip which produces a 0.35mm line 
0.5mm tip producing a 0.45mm line
0.8mm tip producing a 0.65mm line

Prices start from £2.00 per pen and sets of 5 at £10.00.

These pens are ideal for writing or even creating Zentangles like... 

If you would like to purchase any of these products, they can be bought from our online shop here