Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sundays are great for relaxing but why not try making a card like this. The lovely Beckie Dreyer has created this Red, White and Blue Heart Card. Beckie has provided the following write up for it... 

Did you know that the Kuretake ZIG Art & Graphic pensare can be added directly to your stamps!?

Oh yes! And what fun you can have with this!  I choose to create a mottled effect by simple using two of the pens.

On my chosen stamp I randomly coloured over the image with the pen before pressing it down on to the white card. 

A little tip for you … if you feel the ink has become dry, before you stamp it on to the card you’ll need to ‘huff’ or breathe on the image!  It makes the ink wet again!!

You can also use the pens to just cover sections of a stamp instead of the whole thing.


Thank you again for sending us this lovely creation. 

If you too would like to create something like this then please take a look at our online shop here. 

Speak to you all soon, Becki x