Monday, 1 July 2013

 Folder Fun!

When I was at school my friends and I would be forever decorating our school books, folders, making paper, anything fun with pens and paper and we would be doing it. So when I saw this creation by Cecilia Sanchez I just had to blog it...

Cecilia has made a school folder to say school grades = "Notas" in Spanish. Recycling a red old folder and using the following materials:

This is how Cecilia created it:
  1. I used the Kuretake heart kurepunch to make the strip and decorate the top of the picture with it. I've also painted cardboard letters with ZIG Woodcraft Marker
  2. I like to paint shadows with gray ZIG Art & Graphic Twin marker. It gives a fantastic 3D effect.
  3. And to disguise the metal screws, I painted stars with ZIG Painty FX, which is perfect on the metal, and any surface.
  4. I've used ZIG Calligraphy Pens to write their names on the inside.

Thanks for taking a look at our blog, we'll be back tomorrow with yet more amazing creations from our Design Team Members and In-house work :) 

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